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Investing in Real Estate Entrepreneurs within Opportunity Zones.

Accew Group has formed the Opportunity Zone Jobs Fund I as a qualified opportunity fund in an exclusive partnership with an established hard money lender. This hard money lender originated over $30M USD in loans within the last year, has developed state of the art technology, established a track record with over 2+ years of loan origination and no losses incurred on any loans originated.

The Opportunity Zone Jobs Fund I is focused on leveraging the existing strategy of our partner to help them grow by lending more money into opportunity zones.


Opportunity Zone Jobs Fund I is managed by ACCEW Group.

Accew Group is a New York based financial services firm. Founded by a group of passionate financial, legal, and technology experts.

Accew Group was founded by Chad White, John Ellsworth, and Lane Campbell as a New York based financial services firm. The team brings together decades of combined diverse experience in finance, real estate, public company executive leadership, and a track record measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars in completed deals.

With unique relationships in many opportunity zones throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and South East, the team is ready to help our partner exand their operations to create more jobs.

You cannot improve what you do not measure. The ACCEW Group has been devloping the OZ Rank alongside our Funds to ensure the communities we work within are able to benefit from long term improvements beyond initial capital investments.